It is just a very small device utilized to regularly monitor the temperature of the coolant in your Volkswagen Beetle; however, the coolant temperature sensor is essentially a vital component that operates hand in hand with many other units in your car. Amongst the units that operate in harmony together with your Volkswagen Beetle coolant temperature sensor are the emission system as well as the gas delivery unit.

Each time you start a vehicle and crank its motor, too much heat is released - you must be thankful that there's anti-freeze to gather this heat energy to be dissipated. The temperature of the antifreeze must be continuously verified, and the coolant temperature sensors are the devices given this task - they deliver the data to your Volkswagen Beetle powertrain module, which subsequently manages different devices in accordance with the information that it obtains. Whenever the coolant temperature sensor delivers a high coolant temp reading, for example, the PCM switches on the fan in the engine; when, when starting your car, it transmits a low coolant temp reading, the module increases the fuel in the mixture sent to your car motor. These modes of control are crucial to the entire effectiveness of your vehicle motor, therefore the coolant temp sensor that you pick should be certainly valuable, boasting of its capacity to offer precise information to the module consistently; otherwise, drivability troubles might happen.

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