It's only a very small part utilized to consistently review the antifreeze temp in your Nissan , but the coolant temperature sensor is in fact a crucial item that operates side by side several other systems in your vehicle. Amongst the units that work together with your Nissan coolant temperature sensor are the emissions system as well as the fuel delivery unit.

The cooling fluid moves around and throughout the engine when you operate your ride, collecting heat for dissipation and keeping engine temperature at the right level. The coolant temp should be constantly monitored, and the coolant temperature sensors are the devices provided with this chore - they send out their reading to your Nissan powertrain module, which subsequently runs numerous devices based on the information that it gets. The PCM angles its operation on the data that the coolant temperature sensor provides - i.e. it creates a mixture with high fuel content whenever you experience cold start up and drives the fan in the engine whenever the antifreeze heat level becomes too high. These processes are crucial to the overall effectiveness of your car's powerplant, so the coolant temp sensor that you get should be truly efficient, boasting of its ability to offer exact reading to the control module all the time; or else, driving complications may happen.

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