It's just a very simple unit made to constantly monitor the temperature of the coolant in your Gmc , although the coolant temperature sensor is actually a vital unit that works side by side several other systems in your ride. The fuel supply assembly, the motor cooling unit, plus the exhaust system are just some of the assemblies whose functionality greatly hinges on the input provided by the Gmc coolant temperature sensor.

Anytime you operate any automobile and crank its motor, too much heat is generated - good thing you have the coolant to collect this heat for dissipation. The coolant temp has to be constantly checked, and the coolant temperature sensors are the devices provided with this chore - they deliver the data to your Gmc powertrain module, which subsequently manages different assemblies based on the information that it obtains. The power control unit bases everything that it does on the data that the coolant temperature sensor provides - i.e. it creates a high-fuel mix when you encounter engine cranking during cold weathers and drives the fan in the engine whenever the coolant temperature escalates. Such modes of control are crucial to the entire performance of the engine, thus the coolant temp sensor you choose needs to be certainly reliable, able to supply precise data to the module all the time; or else, drivability troubles might occur.

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