The engine must remain at a positive operating heat range to stay away from getting too hot, that's why there's a cooling system which makes use of coolant to absorb extra heat coming from the engine. When not used, this valuable fluid is stored in the Jeep Cherokee coolant tank, that gives sufficient place for coolant expansion as your engine warms up.

Most Jeep Cherokee coolant tanks come with labels which will let you effortlessly check the amount of coolant inside it. It is good to check out the volume of the coolant at least every oil change however it is more advisable that you monitor the degree of this fluid frequently. That coolant tank within your Jeep Cherokee is normally designed durable enough, however with the sort of surroundings it needs to work with, it may develop leaks and eventually turn out to be incompetent at holding the precious coolant. When you observed coolant leak and you found out that it originates from your tank, in that case, you should obtain a replacement right away.

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