The anti freeze used in the cooling assembly of your Geo experiences a cycle of warming up and cooling down while it works, and this substance expands when it's excessively heated - therefore the need for a coolant tank. The Geo coolant tank is developed to store extra anti freeze, helping prevent spills outside.

Coolant spills are prevalent issues that plague the cooling system of a lot of cars, and the mentioned conditions might lead to various issues. Antifreeze is a pollutant, so letting it seep out would be damaging the environment; it's also harmful and may lead to death to pets which might become enticed to it as a result of its sugary scent and flavour. However, such hazardous effects might still be averted once you install a coolant tank in your Geo . In your automobile, the leaking of coolant indicates the need to top if off every now and then - such a squander of money and effort that you could readily avoid by simply mounting a durable coolant tank. Just make it a point that you look for a tank that's durable, one that will not easily get broken even with a long time of usage. Of course, don't ignore to take into account the specs of the aftermarket tank - pick a matching component from among the various coolant tanks being marketed at present.

Our catalog of more than 1 million parts here at this page will help you find the right Geo coolant tank with ease. Our parts are sourced from brands similar to Gates, Replacement, as well as Febi, and they are all developed to function reliably and stand out for years.