Your engine needs to maintain a favorable working heat range to stay away from getting too hot, that explains why there is a cooling system which utilizes coolant to absorb extra engine heat. When this is not being used, this kind of valuable fluid is kept in the Ford Focus coolant tank, which provides enough place for expansion of coolant when your engine warms up.

Most Ford Focus coolant tanks come with labels that let you effortlessly examine the amount of coolant inside. It is good to take a peek at the coolant level even every oil change yet it is more advisable that you track the quantity of the said fluid regularly. The particular coolant tank on your Ford Focus is normally designed hard-wearing, however with the type of environment it has to work in, it could develop leakages and eventually turn out to be incompetent at holding the antifreeze. Once you observed coolant leak and you realized that it originates from the tank, well then you must find a replacement immediately.

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