Car Coolant Reservoirs

Leaking coolant reservoir? Keep your cool while protecting your ride from overheating by repairing or replacing this component immediately. Also known as an overflow tank or coolant-recovery tank, this unit is designed to store extra coolant for your engine cooling assembly. That way, in case there is a coolant leak in your car, your cooling system will have enough coolant to properly dissipate engine heat before your ride overheats.

Now, the good news about leaking coolant reservoirs is that most of them are fixable. Some drivers use epoxies and weld products to seal up any cracks in the reservoir. But in case your coolant reservoir is beyond saving, then your only recourse is to replace this component as soon as possible. Don't worry, because most aftermarket coolant reservoirs are built to be just as strong or even stronger than your original equipment. Manufactured from high-grade plastic, these reservoirs should give you years and years of superb service.

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