If your vehicle seems to angle off towards the left or right when you’re behind the wheel and no longer manages the way it used to, then it is about time for you to purchase a control arm bushing constructed by Jaguar XJ12' Eventually, your factory control arm bushing will weaken and this could ruin the alignment of your wheels and lead to handling complications' A brand new Jaguar XJ12 control arm bushing will provide that smooth drive you dream of and fix all of your auto handling and tire alignment problems'

The Jaguar XJ12 control arm bushing is composed of an exterior metal sleeve, a sturdy rubber bushing, and an inner metal sleeve, and is latched on to the ends of the control arm' A worn out control arm bushing significantly impacts the camber alignment of your wheels which may cause premature and irregular tire wear' Ordering a brand new control arm bushing produced by Jaguar XJ12 will aid in supporting your ride’s suspension system and in allowing for a much more quiet driving experience' A sturdy Jaguar XJ12 control arm bushing won’t just help you conserve money on replacement tires, but it will also enhance your four-wheeler’s handling'

Here at Parts Train, we have thousands of control arm bushing for your choosing, so getting one for you will definitely not be a problem' Our components are made from durable materials such as rubber and polyurethane and are certified to last you a very long time' For any question on our OE Aftermarket control arm bushing, Pex control arm bushing, or Boge control arm bushing, feel free to call our 24/7 toll-free number' Improve your ride and buy a brand new Jaguar XJ12 control arm bushing ASAP!