Simple though this part might be, each control arm in your Volvo 960 literally affects the stability as well as the overall steering performance in your ride. Serving as a link between your auto wheels and your car frame, the Volvo 960 control arm also needs to tackle the forces that your rims encounter as they spin.

Although these are just constructed straightforwardly, control arms can cause critical problems once they malfunction - they usually impact not merely your driving comfort but also the wellbeing of your drive. The great news is that it is hassle-free to preserve the control arm in good condition; you just have to pay attention to its supporting bushing and you have to make this component thoroughly greased all the time - the ideal interval for oiling would be during every oil refill. Moreover, you should look carefully at every problem in the functionality of the Volvo 960 control arm and in the general efficiency of the car suspension.

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