A car's suspension plays a very important role in providing good control of ride quality and handling. Ride quality speaks of the way a vehicle feels as it travels over the road and usually associated with comfort, while handling speaks of the vehicle's ability to turn and to keep traveling in the intended direction over rough roads. This suspension connects the wheels to the metal skeletal structure called frame to which a vehicle's body, engine and suspension components are attached. Also, most suspensions feature coil springs or leaf springs, shock absorbers or struts, anti-sway bars and a system of linkages such as control arms.

Since the control arm is one important component of the front suspension, it just bur right to get yourself, as a car owner, familiar with it. Control arms like the Toyota control are normally shaped like the letter A, also called as the A-arm, bearing three strong points — two at the bottom which are attached to a vehicle's frame and one at the top which is attached to the spindle. Rear control arms on the other hand showcases a distinct design yet performs basically the same function. It goes around on the frame members and sometimes support the rear coil springs to give a smooth up and down movement of the axle and wheel assembly.

Moreover, a control arm is a bar with a pivot at each end to connect suspension members to the chassis. When the coil springs are being used in both front and rear suspension, around three to four control arms are placed between the rear axle housing and the frame to carry driving and the brake's torque. High performance control arms are crafted to take away flexes of the vehicle control. It also provides better traction capabilities or the ability of the tire to good adhesion to the ground. For some of you are looking to replace your stock control arms then you have just landed on the perfect site. Here at Parts Train, all you needed auto parts and accessories are being offered, and all of them are made to perform coupled with great quality, durability and longevity.