Your Suzuki vehicle is moving not just because its wheels are rotating accordingly and properly; there's more to this in your vehicle, as every automobile in the world does. Basically, automotive engineers and manufacturers understand a certain science in creating and assembling vehicles; they must include different gears and systems for them to move and function. And among the systems that make your Suzuki move is the suspension system.

Basically, the suspension system is a collection of devices that are important in the proper movement and performance of the vehicle. It is designed to be in dynamic state of balance along with the spinning of the vehicle's tires. It also adjusts continuously as well as compensate for the vehicle's different driving conditions. Each and every one of the suspension system's components works in harmony to complete six major tasks; to lessen the impact and shocks, hold up the vehicle's weight, maintain proper ride height, retain proper wheel alignment, maintain the tire's proper road contact and manage the vehicle's direction. And there are several gears involve in making this; among them is the control arm.

The Suzuki control arm in your Suzuki vehicle is essential; it helps the entire suspension systems to perform its tasks properly. The control arm is typically shaped like that of a letter A. It is designed to keep other suspension components always connected to the vehicle's chassis. In this case, one end of the control arm is installed to the knuckle, also called wheel flange, with a bushing or ball joint while the other end is connected to the vehicle's frame member and spins on bushings. The number of control arm in a vehicle depends on how many driving and brake torque should be held. On vehicles with coil springs on the rear and front suspensions, three to four control arms are installed.

There are wide arrays of Suzuki control arms that are available in the automotive market today. They are mostly available depending on the kind of applications you need and what specific dimensions you need for installation. Most control arms vary on sizes, materials and designs. There are high-performance control arms that are designed to remove flex during driving; this results to improved traction and handling. Adjustable control arms are also available; these allow significant changes in the vehicle's suspension geometry.

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