Comfort is one of the features that a lot of people look into when they intend to purchase a vehicle. Well this is only natural especially if the car will usually be sued to travel great distances and you as well as your passengers wouldn't want to end up with sore and aching muscles at the end of the drive. Car comfort is usually supplied in varying ways. One of is through the interior features that the vehicle is furnished with and the other one through the road handling and manageability displayed by the vehicle.

Great car manageability can be achieved if all the car's systems and components are properly intact. If you want to achieve this, you should pay particular attention to the suspension system. The suspension have very important roles to play in the car's handling but to sum it up, the suspension keeps the car's wheels solidly in contact with he road's surface and in the process provide the driver and passengers with an excellent riding experience.

If you look at the operations of the suspensions system from its most basic function then you'll be overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. Being a system, the suspension is composed of very important parts and one of them is the control arm. This part is not one of the usually discussed parts so maybe there are even some car owners who are not aware of its existence in their car. As its name implies, the control arm helps manage the movement of the wheels in order for it to be in-sync with the action of the car's body. Without an efficient control arm your car will not have any kind of control and most likely you will not be able to drive in a straight line while on the road.

At its proper set-up the control arm looks like a letter A and each end having pivot points — the upper and the lower control arm. Two of its points are connected to the vehicle's frame while the third point is joined to the spindle. Every movement generates friction so in order to lessen its occurrence the control arm works with cylindrical linings called bushings. If the control is working efficiently you won't have any problem about getting all shaken up and dizzy because of rough car motion.

Driving a car like Pontiac is a privilege and as a privilege you need to make sure that all its parts are in good working order specifically the control arm that has a direct effect on the car's handling. So if your Pontiac control arm shows signs of malfunction don't hesitate to have it replaced. Spending a few dollars is worth the exchange of having the car's good performance back.