Most car owners become happy if their car is able to pump up great speeds anytime they call on it. Aside from the speed, a lot of car users also usually consider the overall appearance of the car. But when you sum up all of these it can just be expected because they all contribute to the overall car performance, consequently to your driving satisfaction. But then another very important thing in order to have a driving satisfaction is the manageability and the overall handling of the vehicle, which can only be brought out by a highly functional suspension system.

The suspension is a component that car manufacturers can never afford to leave out since it really does a lot for the vehicle. If you experience excellent handling as well as a really comfortable ride, then that's your suspension at work. These characteristics are very important if you want to feel content with the car you purchased, especially when you happen to be driving down on a rather rough terrain.

When we speak of suspension system, the first thing that usually comes to mind is springs, struts and sway bars. However other than these there are still some unnoticed parts that perform an important function for your car and one of these is the control arm. This control arm manages the movement of the wheels in accordance with the motion of the body and this done by making a proper connection between the suspension parts to the chassis. Nevertheless the control arm is not alone in doing this job because it also works with cylindrical linings called bushings that help lessen the friction while wheel control is being implemented. The control arm is set up like a letter A wherein the two upper pivot points are joined to the vehicle frame while the lower arm is connected to the spindle. You can just imagine that without the control arm your car will have very little semblance of control and will go whichever way thus no driving satisfaction is derived in the process.

Because the control arm is such an integral part of the suspension and the whole car, its maintenance should never be taken for granted. Timely lubrication must be observed regularly; otherwise the control arm will ultimately become defective. If you take the chance to drive around with a defective control arm then expect to be shaken until you become dizzy.

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