Riding some of the earliest automobiles is pretty uncomfortable especially when traversing a rough and uneven terrain because of their stiff and rigid suspension assembly. As years pass by, automotive evolution took place that lead to several changes in the capability of vehicles to offer great comfort or ride quality to the occupants. Vehicles nowadays are much comfortable to ride on as compared to yesteryears' — thanks to a revolutionized suspension system. Good quality suspension systems can barely make you experience the bouncy feel of a rugged trail.

An automobile's suspension refers to the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages (torsion bars, 4-links, trailing arms and control arms) that attaches the wheels to the vehicle's frame for a much better ride quality and handling control. A control arm like the Oldsmobile control arm is an important suspension link that connects a knuckle or wheel flange to the frame. Control arms are also called "A-arms" as they resemble the shape of the said letter. It has three main points with one on top and two at the bottom. The top point is the one connected to the spindle, knuckle or wheel flange, while the bottom points are attached to the vehicle's frame.

Moreover, control arms are used in both the front and rear suspension of an automobile although they vary in design. There control arms that are capable of being adjusted in relation to the vehicle's suspension geometry. They are responsible of removing the flex leaning to higher predictability and improved handling coupled with better traction capabilities. Making sure that your vehicle's control arm is kept in good working condition can bring you not just a comfortable ride but also enhanced handling (ability of the vehicle to smoothly turn and to keep on traveling in the intended direction even over rough roads) and traction (adhesion of a tire to the ground that enables a vehicle to accelerate, corner and stop optimally).

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