Simple as this component might be, the control arm fitted in your Mercedes Benz C230 literally affects the balance as well as the efficiency of the steering assembly in your car. The Mercedes Benz C230 control arm carries out numerous duties, connecting the auto wheels to your automobile framework whilst managing the irregular motion of the rims as they rotate.

Even though they are just designed simply, control arms can cause critical problems once they fail - they usually affect not merely your ride comfort but as well as the wellbeing of all vehicle passengers. The good news is that it's trouble-free to maintain the control arm in great condition; you simply have to care for its bushing and you should maintain the arm thoroughly oiled at all times - the perfect interval for oiling would be along with the flushing and refilling of oil. Additionally, you need to look carefully at whatever problem with the functionality of your Mercedes Benz C230 control arm and in the total performance of the suspension.

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