On this Mercedes Benz 400e control arm, the car can easily handle any on-road challenge. It is customized for the Mercedes Benz 400e to guarantee highest performance. This is a control arm welded together with precision working with first class technologies and also protected using the rough finish that combats corrosion. It plays a part in the maintenance of substantial security as well as quality standards of your auto.

Serving as the connection between your chassis and the steering parts, Mercedes Benz 400e control arms handle the movement of the tires to be able to line up together with the overall car body. This continues to keep the two sections of the Mercedes Benz 400e from being in contact with the other which can generate friction. Every control arm for Mercedes Benz 400e additionally comes with the group of bushings, rubberized covers which usually dampens friction with every change in direction. And also, this provides for a shielding coating to prevent hazardous elements such as corrosion.

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