Vehicle capability is often measured by the amount of horsepower its drivetrain is able to crank out. To some extent, this is true. However, if the drivers don't have full control of the vehicle, the power generated by the engine would be of no use. It is because of this that the vehicle's suspension system is given proper tuning and enough attention.

Suspension system is the one responsible for maximizing the friction between the tires and the road to give steering ability coupled with good handling as well as to make sure that the vehicle occupants have a comfortable ride. To make it work at its best, the suspension system should employ tough and dependable suspension components. Among the most significant suspension parts is the control arm.

A vehicle's control arm is a bar that has pivot at each end and is employed to connect suspension members to the vehicle's chassis. It is usually shaped like letter A and is otherwise known as A-arm. The two ends of the control arm are mounted to the vehicle's frame while the other point is attached to the spindle. The control arm in the rear part of the vehicle has a different design but does the same job. High performance vehicle control arms like Jeep control arms are aimed to remove flex, in order to achieve more predictable and enhanced handling as well as improved traction capabilities.

The control arm manages the movement of the wheels in relation to the car's body. When coil springs are infused in both the rear and front suspension, the control arms are positioned between the rear axle housing and the frame to hold driving and brake torque. The lower control arm pivot on the frame members and at times, support the rear coil springs to allow up-and-down motion of the axle and the wheel assembly. When installed properly, the control arm allows for relatively unlimited up and down movement.

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