You are possibly aware that the overall functionality of the suspension and steering units in your Infiniti I35 are determined by various components, among which is your control arm. Acting as a connecting unit between the rims and the automobile framework, each Infiniti I35 control arm also has to tackle the severe pressure which your car wheels come across while the said components spin.

In spite of the fact that these are just designed straightforwardly, control arms could cause catastrophes when the mentioned components malfunction - they directly impact not only your ride comfort but also the wellbeing of your drive. The good news is that it is a piece of cake to preserve the control arm in excellent condition; you just have to pay attention to its bushing and you must make the part properly greased all the time - the ideal interval for lubing would be during every oil refill. In addition, you should pay attention to every irregularity in the operation of the Infiniti I35 control arm and in the total ability of the suspension system.

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