How do you rate a vehicle's ride? Do you rate it by the power or the smoothness of the engine it is equipped with? Or do you base your ratings on the amount of interior comforts and conveniences it has? Both criteria actually contributes to the quality of a vehicle's ride; for how can a ride be enjoyable if the vehicle's engine is trouble-prone and sitting inside the vehicle is in itself a punishment of some sort. For a completely enjoyable ride, however, the vehicle must also be equipped with a suspension system that can capably absorb the bumps caused by road surface irregularities of various levels.

With cleverly designed and brilliantly engineered suspension systems, Honda vehicles are among the vehicles that can provide vehicle owners with a really comfortable ride, whether driving on a smooth highway or on bad roads. Further, Honda suspensions would hardly cause any trouble when you are driving your vehicle. Thanks to the reliability that is Honda. And thanks to the various high quality and long lasting suspension parts it is equipped with.

Among the many suspension system components that Honda vehicles are equipped with are the Honda control arms. The control arms are the metal links or struts in your Honda's suspension system that connects the wheels, through knuckles or wheel flanges, to the vehicle's frame. These components are also called by various other names like wishbones and A-arms, although these components are actually special forms of control arms. A wishbone is a radius rod type of control arm used on older vehicles while A-arms are control arms formed in the shape of A, with the two legs attached to the vehicle's frame or chassis and the peak of the A connected to the wheel assembly.

At most, a Honda vehicle may be equipped with a total of 8 control arms (4 front control arms and 4 rear control arms). The front control arms would allow the front wheels to change direction while the rear control arms would allow the wheels to move up and down while preventing it from moving sideways. But not all Honda vehicles are equipped with 8 control arms. This number would actually depend on the type of suspensions used. For short-long arm (SLA) suspensions, upper and lower arms of unequal lengths would connect the wheel assembly to the frame. For strut-type suspensions, on the other hand, the upper control arms are replaced with struts.

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