GMC vehicles are tough and powerful. They are equipped with large and powerful engines that enable them to trek just about any kind of terrain. These vehicles also have tough frames and bodies that enable them to withstand the tortures related to their functions. But with all these power and toughness, it would be normal to assume that GMC rides would be bouncy and extremely uncomfortable. Surprisingly, however, they are not. In fact, every GMC ride is fun and comfortable; thanks to their outstanding suspension systems.

The suspension system, or simply the suspension, is a system of shocks, springs and linkages that connects a vehicle's frame to its wheels. In your GMC, the efficient GMC suspension system is responsible for your vehicle's superior handling and braking characteristics. It is also responsible for making GMC rides extremely comfortable, isolating the passenger area of the vehicle well from road noise, bumps and vibrations. Now, for the suspension to achieve all of these, it must be equipped with very efficient parts. And among those very efficient parts of your GMC's suspension system is the GMC control arms.

The GMC control arms are the struts or links in your GMC's suspension system that connect the wheels, through knuckles or wheel flanges, to the vehicle's frame. These components are also often called wishbones (British) or A-arms, although an A-arm is a special kind of control arm. Aside from linking the wheels to the vehicle's frame, the control arms also controls the movement of the wheels. The front control arms would allow the front wheels to change direction. The rear control arms, on the other hand, would allow the wheels to move up and down while preventing it from moving sideways.

At most, a GMC vehicle may be equipped with eight control arms, although the actual number would depend on the type of suspension system used on the vehicle. In short-long arm (SLA) suspensions, upper and lower control arms of unequal length would connect the wheels to the frame. In strut-type suspensions, on the other hand, only the lower control arms would be existent because the upper portion of the steering knuckle is connected directly to the strut assembly. In either case, however, one end of the control arms would be connected to the wheels with either a ball joint or a bushing while the other end would be connected to the frame with control arm bushings.

Being one of the components that connect the wheels to the vehicle's frame, GMC control arms make up an important part of your vehicle's suspension system. As such, it is only proper that you take good care of them and make certain that they are on their top form at all times. Here at Parts Train, we offer high quality replacement GMC control arms that you can use whenever one of these components breaks down. Just visit our 24-hour online website to effortlessly locate the GMC front lower control arm, front upper control arm, rear lower control arm, or rear upper control arm that you need.