Your Geo vehicles include many different parts, gears and systems for them to be able to run and function properly. All these parts are important and are designed to give off better performance and gas mileage. In the engine, for example, there are several systems involved in providing great performance to your vehicle such as the cooling system, intake system, fuel delivery system, exhaust system, emission control system, suspension system, etc. Now, most uninitiated drivers would think that the most important factors that contribute to the vehicle's performance are only those involved in giving off horsepower, torque and acceleration.

However, many are unaware that the driver's ability to control the car is the main factor. This is why engineers and experts in auto manufacturing are shifting their focuses on the vehicle's suspension system. This is basically the system that maximizes the friction between the vehicle's tires and the surface of the road. Suspension system is designed to enable great steering ability, provide comfortable ride and good handling. And there are several gears and parts involve in the suspension system's functions which include the control arm.

Basically, the Geo control arm in your Geo vehicle is a device that is often shaped like letter A; hence, it is also called the A-arm. Now, the two points on this control arm, which is at the bottom, is attached to the vehicle's frame and the third, upper, point is attached to the spindle of the vehicle. The main function of the control arm is to manage the motion of the wheels and keep it relative to the body of the vehicle. Without control arms, your vehicle will have excessive movement especially when you are traveling over rough roads and back-country areas.

Now, because of the kind of functions that your Geo control arm has to accomplish, it is more prone to everyday wear and tear; thus, causing damage to it. In this case, it is important that you schedule regular maintenance for your vehicle's control arm as with the rest of the suspension system components. And should you notice any sign of damage or problems with your Geo control arm, be sure to seek for replacement right away.

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