The behavior of Ford vehicles depends on the reliability of its engineering and technological sophistication. Perhaps you own one or have driven some of its models, and actually enjoyed the comfortable experience. That comfortable ride is due to the capability of the driver in maneuvering the machine in the smoothest way as possible. Though basically, it is the Ford suspension system which controls the movement of the vehicle that is accountable of it.

Suspension system is an assembly of shocks, springs and linkages significantly connecting the vehicle's frame or chassis to the wheels. Ford Expedition is one of the Ford models which luckily received the finest Ford suspension system. The component significantly brings the remarkable handling and tamed braking characteristics. And because of its ability to isolate the passenger area from involuntary movements, comfort can be enjoyed even while running over rugged roads. Like that of Ford Expedition's, other Ford suspension systems effectively do their job with the help of reliable Ford suspension parts which include Ford control arms.

To eliminate flex and control body movements, so to make handling more predictable and improved and at the same time enhance traction, is what a control arm or wishbone is designed for. Control arm is an A-shaped link or strut placed between the rear axle housing and frame to carry driving and brake torque by the use of knuckles or wheel flange. Because of its shape, control arm is also referred to as A-arm. The same as letter A, this vital suspension component possesses three connecting points with pivot at each end. For the front control arms, the two points which are at the bottom part of the A attach to the body frame, while the third one to the spindle. This control arm allows front wheels to change direction. A-arm though is a special type of control arm, which is beneficial in adding strength and adjustability, as well as save weight.

Rear control arms on the other hand are structured in a different design, and allow the axle and wheel assembly to move up and down while preventing it from mowing sideways, yet essentially accomplish the same purpose. Some of them are actually designed as adjustable, and so they can be applied on different Ford models with different suspension geometry.

A Ford unit may carry different numbers of Ford control arms, depends whether the type of suspension system used is short-long arm (SLA) or strut-type. On both front and rear suspension, there can be three of four control arms. Whichever suspension type you Ford has, make sure they are always in perfect condition. And if any of it gets damaged, replace only with high quality aftermarket Ford control arms. Here in Partstrain, you get nothing but Ford control arms guaranteed of top quality.