Performance and controllability are the best partners in the auto world. Performance makes you think of the horsepower, torque, and acceleration that your vehicle can efficiently provide you. But all these will go to nothing if they cannot be controlled. That is why most auto engineers have turned their attention to the suspension system of vehicles after memorizing the four stroke power producing process of the engine. The suspension system of your Eagle is responsible for its controllability, and a great part of it can be credited to your Eagle control arms.

The Eagle is a short-lived marquee of the Chrysler Corporation after its acquisition from the original ownership of the American Motors Corporation (AMC). The brand targeted the enthusiast drivers with its coupe and sedan models. Even though the brand was dismantled, its holistic performance and stylish looks have appealed to most target market and produced more than what was expected from it. The holistic appeal of your Eagle, which includes its performance and controllability, has made it a success for a time, and the Eagle control arms are big contributors to this.

The Eagle control arms are the linking parts that pivot at the center of the wheels of your Eagle. They are composed of the lower control arms and the upper control arms. The upper control arms are the direct command receiver from the steering link because they are connected to it through a bolt. They then transfer the command to the center to guide the wheels to their direction, and to the lower control arms that guide the main frame to the direction commanded. Because of this direct transfer of command from the steering wheel, the optimum control and smooth run of the vehicle is upheld.

The tough function of your Eagle control arms subjects them to wear and damage through time. Proper maintenance should therefore be administered like regular cleaning and ocular checkup for signs of crack and sticking contaminants. But if the time for replacement comes, aftermarket products are an easy find at Parts Train.

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