Simple as this component may be, every control arm in your Dodge Nitro actually impacts the balance and the efficiency of the steering assembly in your car. Each Dodge Nitro control arm performs numerous duties, attaching your wheels to the car framework even while managing the erratic movement of the wheels while they run.

The effectiveness of your control arms determines your ride comfort plus protection - damage on these parts won't just cause an uneven ride but also unpredictable ride movement, which could bring about undesirable incidents. Fortunately, it's easy to keep the control arm in great order; all you need to do is to pay attention to its supporting bushing and you need to keep the arm properly oiled consistently - the ideal period for lubrication is when getting oil refill. In addition, you must look closely at whatever abnormality with the operation of your Dodge Nitro control arm and in the overall performance of the vehicle suspension.

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