Using this Dodge Neon control arm, your automobile could tackle any highway challenge. Built especially to fit Dodge Neon, this component part can help you obtain the suitable rear end traction force to get steady vehicle operation and corner turns. It is a control arm welded with exactness working with highly rated engineering and protected using the tough finish that battles rust. This contributes to taking care of high protection and quality standards of your auto.

Acting as the connection between the frame and the steering parts, Dodge Neon control arms control the activity of your wheels to be able to align with the overall car body. Thanks to the control arms, the Dodge Neon body shifts without problems with the tires free of scratching between the components. Every single control arm for Dodge Neon also includes the set of bushings, rubberized coverings which reduces friction with every single adjustment in direction. This also provides a shielding layer to avoid harmful elements like corrosion.

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