The total efficiency of the suspension and steering assemblies in your Dodge Monaco are affected by a number of devices, among which is the control arm. Serving as a connector between the wheels and the vehicle body, each Dodge Monaco control arm also has to handle the energies that the rims confront while they run.

It's easy to tell that the performance of your control arms determines your ride comfort as well as security - damage on the arms won't just cause a rough ride but also unpredictable handling, which could set off unwanted incidents. Fortunately, it is a piece of cake to maintain the control arm in good condition; all you have to do is to look after its bushing and you should maintain the part properly lubricated consistently - the best period for oiling is during every oil refill. Moreover, you need to pay attention to every irregularity with the functionality of your Dodge Monaco control arm and in the general performance of the car suspension.

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