Olden vehicles are quite uncomfortable due to its stiff components and rigid nature of the assembly, especially when taking on a rough and bumpy trail. Today's automobiles are crafted not only for functional purposes but also for pleasure, comfort and convenience. Suspensions make a ride such a comfort as the driver and passengers can barely feel the bounce every time the wheels pass an uneven surface. A suspension is a portion of a vehicle that connects the wheels to the frame for the purpose of controlling ride quality and handling. It usually features coil springs, shock absorbers or struts, anti-sway bars, and a system of linkages such as torsion bars, 4-links, trailing arms and control arms.

One essential component of the front suspension is the control arm which may also be called as an A-arm because of its shape that is akin to letter "A". Control arms like the Dodge control arm has three basic points, the one on top and the two at the bottom. The bottom points of the A are the ones attached to a vehicle's frame while the top point is the one which is attached to the spindle. A vehicle's frame is the metal skeletal structure to which a vehicle's body, engine, drivetrain and suspension components such as springs and shocks are being attached, while the spindle is a suspension component that connects the steering assembly to the wheel.

Whereas there exist front control arms, rear control arms also exist, only with a different design but essentially serve the same function and purpose. Some rear control arms can be adjusted, including adjustments to the vehicle's suspension geometry. Front and rear control arms are expected to get rid of flex which inclines to higher predictability and better handling including improved traction capabilities. Handling refers to the vehicle's ability to turn and to keep traveling in the intended direction over rough roads, while traction refers to the adhesion of a tire to the ground enabling a vehicle to accelerate, corner and stop optimally.

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