A moving vehicle is far more than wheels rotating. The suspension system is in a dynamic state of balance as the automobile's tire spin, and it continuously adjusts and compensate for the varying driving conditions. All the components of the vehicle's suspension system are working hand in hand to perform six basic tasks. These tasks are lessening the impact and effect of shock forces; holding up the weight of the vehicle; managing the direction of the vehicle while traveling; sustaining accurate vehicle ride height; maintaining the tires' contact with the road and retaining proper wheel alignment. However, for the suspension system to be able to do the said functions effectively, all the suspension components, both front and rear, must be in good operating condition.

One of the components that contribute in suspension system's capability to do its tasks is the control arm. It is a part of front suspension system that is usually shaped like letter A. A bar with a pivot at each end, the control arm is employed to connect suspension components to the chassis. One end of the control arm is attached to the knuckle or wheel flange using either a bushing or ball joint while the opposite end, which is connected to a frame member, typically spins on a bushing. When the vehicle employed coil springs in the front and rear suspensions, three or four control arms are installed between the frame and the rear axle housing to hold the driving and brake torque. High performance control arms are aimed to remove flex, which usually leads to more improved and predictable handling and boosted traction capabilities. Several rear control arms are adjustable to allow changes to the suspension geometry of automobiles.

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