Are you enjoying the ease and the maximum controllability of your luxurious Cadillac? Give the credit to its engineered Cadillac control arms. The control arms are the components of your vehicle's suspension system that link the steering, wheels, and the main frame for a more comfortable and easier control of your auto. The number of control arms in your vehicle will depend on whether it is a two or a four-wheel drive, because these components are located where the steering links are, together with the wheels.

Cadillac's integrity in making advanced and engineered vehicles that combine luxury and style have been a legendary contribution to the auto world. It introduced the many firsts in the industry like the interchangeable parts in 1908, fully enclosed cabs in 1910, standard electric engine starting and lighting in 1912, V8 engine in 1914, manual transmission with syncos in 1929, automatic transmission in 1932, V16 from 1930 to 1940, independent wishbone front suspension in 1934, tailfins in 1948, and 1970 version of optical fiber. Cadillac was also the first to employ a designer instead of an engineer to produce a car that looks good and performs well.

Your Cadillac control arms may not be first introduced by the automaker, but they were enhanced to make your every drive more convenient and comfortable. These are located in the wheels, comprised of the lower and upper control arms that link to the main frame and steering linkage respectively. The upper control arms receive the command from the steering link and transfer this command to the center which guides the wheels, and to the lower control arms that support the wheel's direction and manage the direction of the main frame.

These vital parts need thorough regular ocular inspection because of their important function in your ride. An increase in the frequency of your mechanic visit is also advised as your vehicle ages. Contaminants and the exposure of your Cadillac control arms to the harsh road conditions make them weak and very susceptible to damages that will make them fail in time, in need of replacements. Replacing erratic control arms are less costly than replacing your entire suspension system or wrecking your Cadillac, which you will surely not opt for.

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