Performance and controllability — these are the critical areas that an auto engineer should look into. When talking about performance, you can start thinking about the horsepower, acceleration, and torque of your Buick vehicle. But without controllability, all these features will become useless. The controllability of a vehicle is typically handled by its suspension system, which can be broken down into its components. Among the most important ones are your Buick control arms.

Buick is the only United States-based entry level for luxury brand automobile left since the demise of General Motor's (GM) Oldsmobile in 2004. Buick models are basically built in the US, Canada, and China, and then exported and sold in North America, China, Taiwan, and Israel. Scottish-American David Dunbar Buick, the founder of the original independent Buick Motor company, was the same inventor of the overhead valve engine which Buick vehicles are most known of. In the same way, the controllability of Buick autos is also remarkable and can be credited to their technology-based components like the Buick control arms.

The control arms are the components of the suspension system which are located and inserted in the wheels through the strut bars. The complete assembly is composed of lower control arms and upper control arms. The lower control arms are connected under the main frame situated nearest every wheel to support and direct the vehicle, while the upper control arms are connected with the steering links and manage to adapt to the driver's command. The two are then connected at the center of the wheels.

Your Buick control arms are the parts that link the steering action to the wheels while controlling the main frame. They work through the upper control arms, getting the command from the steering linkage, which is connected to the steering wheels and guided by the driver. When the upper control arms receive a direction, they transfer the command to the center and the lower control arms, which in turn control the wheels and the main frame direction respectively. This chain of command among the control arms' components is very necessary in the control of your Buick and in its overall performance.

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