Car Control Arms

With each and every twist and turn you make as you drive down the road, the control arm gives your car smooth pivots whether you steer the wheel to the left or to the right. It is a very important part of a car's suspension system as it manages the motion of the wheels in perfect relation to the car's body. In addition, it also keeps the vehicle up and off of the tires so you won't lose them to premature wear and tear.

The car control arm connects the steering knuckles right to the car's chassis or support frame and allows movement for the knuckles. It is often shaped in the form of a "V". Since it is made of metal like the frame, bushings are used to prevent contact which would otherwise be detrimental and potentially damaging. Lubrication also plays an important factor in helping it perform well so the pivot points must always be well-oiled.

These bushings are found at the connection of these arms. Most front-wheel drive cars that employ strut assemblies instead of shocks have only the lower control arm and have no upper ones. And since bushings aren't permanent and can get worn and bent out of shape over time and use, they'll let the arm move much more than it is really intended to do so. In the end, you'll get more bothersome knocking sounds when driving over humps. Also, if you've got extremely worn out bushings, you're most likely going to experience rougher rides as vibrations will be much more prominent.

As time goes by and you rack up the miles on your ride, it is to be expected that certain parts and components wear out. And being constantly exposed to the elements and the ever-changing weather, the car control arm eventually deteriorates and performs poorly. This results in movements in the suspension as well as the steering when driving under extreme situations on the road-especially off of it. And when that day comes, it's time to get down and dirty with repairs!

Replacing the control arm on one's own is always an option as the whole do-it-yourself process can save you much money as opposed to making an effort to drive your car all the way down to a local professional mechanic to spend a fortune. You'll need to set aside ample time and be armed with the proper tools and much needed patience. OES genuine replacements to fit a wide variety of car makes and models can be found right here at Parts Train. Check out our catalog and arm yourself with the necessary tools for a quick fix so you can enjoy the lush driving experience of a finely tuned car.