You may not have noticed it, but your car performs better on a cool, fall day than it does in the middle of summer. When the air is cooler out, it holds more oxygen, and that helps your engine make more horsepower. It's also the concept behind the Hyundai cold air intake. A Hyundai cold air intake makes it autumn all year round for your engine. By avoiding engine bay air, which can easily exceed 100 degrees, and getting outside air to send to the intake manifold, a Hyundai cold air intake can send horsepower numbers up by as much as 15%. A Hyundai cold air intake, like our Hyundai Elantra cold air intake or Hyundai Santa Fe cold air intake, is really pretty straightforward to install, too. You take out some of the original factory plumbing and drop in the Hyundai cold air intake. After tightening up some clamps and fitting the new high-flow air filter, your Hyundai cold air intake installation is finished and you can enjoy your newfound power. You end up saving money in the end, too, since most Hyundai cold air intake sets come with a reusable air filter. We stock most major brands of Hyundai cold air intakes, and our selection is unrivaled by anyone. So see why the Hyundai cold air intake has become the accessory to have--our low prices and fast delivery make it easy to add a Hyundai cold air intake to your ride.