Car Cold Air Intakes

Need a combustion boost in your vehicle? There are many ways to achieve that, and there are numerous upgrades that can give your ride a raise in performance. You can upgrade your exhaust system, replace your fuel injection parts, or add performance-enhancing devices to supercharge the efficiency of various assemblies in your ride. One of the easiest ways, however, is the simple addition of a cold air intake system. With the combination of the right tubes and filter, you can amp up the power that your engine is producing. So what makes this upgrade efficient? How different is it from your car's stock air intake, and what does it do to boost the power output of your ride?

Well, a cold air intake has lots of appealing features. One, it is composed of tubes with a bigger diameter. Bigger tubes mean more incoming air, which then translates to more power. Two, the tubes are engineered with mandrel bending, meaning that the tube diameter remains uniform even in bends and curves. Bends are a critical spot in an air intake because they are areas where backpressure occurs, areas where air encounters a disruption in flow. By ensuring that the tube diameter is uniform, the disruption is minimized and a smooth airflow is ensured. And three, the tubes that make up a cold air intake is treated so that they will be resistant to the heat in the engine bay. This way, the air flowing into the engine remains cold and dense, thus carrying more oxygen for use in combustion. Aside from high-performance tubes, a complete intake upgrade also includes a high-performance air filter.a filter that promotes both high airflow and high dirt containment. Most of today's filters are made up of pleated cotton or foam trapping materials, materials that are excellent in trapping dirt and yet great enough for allowing more air to flow through. Depending on the filter, the trapping material may be oiled to ensure improved dirt-trapping capacity. With the right tube-filter combination, your car is ready to roar!

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