You'll get a severe headache every time you use the car until you replace your shot Pontiac Aztek coil springs. These parts balance the car, so it rides perfectly even along uneven roads. You must replace your coil springs immediately the minute you feel you're just bouncing more frequently than usual. Review your Pontiac Aztek's guidebook to learn the specs of the required coil spring for your specific marque and model.

Vehicle owners swap their Coil springs if these units malfunction or when they want to modify their cars' elevation. There's a big likelihood your stock Pontiac Aztek springs are giving way when you've been using these components for several years. Loud sounds, for instance, squeaking and thudding, are common signs of poor springs which require replacement. Since you will be employing jack stands when putting in the brand-new springs, you should also grab the opportunity to upgrade other components like Pontiac Aztek brake pads.

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