You will get a severe headache every time you use your car until you uninstall your poor Mercury Mountaineer coil springs. Ride stability has lots to do with springs that reinforce the car's frame. When you're leaning excessively when turning, that's another indication that coil springs are going to completely snap. Check your Mercury Mountaineer's manual to learn the specs of the recommended coil spring for your particular model.

On many vehicles, automotive Coil springs work with other suspension parts, for instance, struts to receive vertical forces while you're driving. After some time, wear and tear may seriously impair the Mercury Mountaineer springs until these can't work properly. Holding off the replacement will cause even more performance problems, say, like, unequal tire wear, creating more expensive replacement costs. Proceed carefully when uninstalling Mercury Mountaineer springs for they could harm people when removed haphazardly.

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