It's really uncomfortable and dangerous driving a car with malfunctioning factory Mercedes Benz C220 coil springs. The springs balance your vehicle, so it drives smoothly even along uneven roads. If you're leaning terribly when turning, that's surely another dangerous sign that your springs are bound to break apart. Refer to your Mercedes Benz C220's guidebook to find out the dimensions of the required coil spring for your exact model.

Vehicle owners replace their current Coil springs if these units malfunction or when they choose to customize their vehicles' height. There's a good possibility your Mercedes Benz C220 springs are giving way if you have been traveling with them for several years. Postponing the replacement will lead to more performance issues, say, like, uneven tire wear, which would mean bigger replacement costs. Be very careful when uninstalling Mercedes Benz C220 springs as these could suddenly hit people when taken out incorrectly.

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