You'll get a severe headache every time you use the car until you replace your poor Dodge Intrepid coil springs. These springs firm up the car, so it rides perfectly even on uneven roads. You ought to change your coil springs right away the minute you feel you're just bouncing more often than what's normal. Good thing you can actually remove and install the Dodge Intrepid parts yourself as long as you've got adequate DIY background.

On many cars, automotive Coil springs operate along with other suspension units like leaf springs to receive down and up pressures on the road. There's a considerable possibility your Dodge Intrepid springs are falling apart if you have been driving with these for several years. Delaying the replacement job will cause additional issues, such as unequal tire wear, which would mean bigger replacement costs. Proceed carefully when uninstalling Dodge Intrepid springs because they can injure people nearby when removed improperly.

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