You'll get a serious headache every single time you use your car until you replace your shot Buick Riviera coil springs. Ride steadiness has plenty to do with , which strengthen the car's frame. When you're leaning excessively when cornering, that's definitely another warning sign that the springs are bound to fall apart. Review your Buick Riviera's guidebook to know the specs of the replacement coil spring for your particular Buick Riviera and model.

On many cars, factory-installed Coil springs work with other suspension parts like leaf springs to dissipate down and up pressures on the road. Over time, wear and age may seriously impair the Buick Riviera springs until these just couldn't function effectively. Postponing the replacement would probably cause more performance complications, like, say, unequal tire wear, which would mean bigger replacement costs. Proceed carefully when working on Buick Riviera springs as these could harm you when removed improperly.

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