Car Clutch Slave Cylinders

Running on fine sand isn't easy and that's probably why the Baywatch casts all have a great body. Uh, probably 15 years ago we can still say that. Anyway, pumping your clutch won't give you the same physique as them, so it is better that you fix that clutch pedal of yours now. When your clutch fails and you are stuck in one gear while you drive, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to put the weight of the entire transmission on your shoulders the next time you come home. Actually, the grinding noises you hear are not caused by the discs and their components, but a guilty clutch slave cylinder.

Clutch slave cylinders are not hard to replace and will feel like jogging with a young Pamela Anderson next to you. As you know already, the clutch linkage isn't just a mechanical device. It uses hydraulic pressure to disengage the clutch and allow you to switch gears. But since it is easy, don't let the problem last a long time because a weak slave cylinder can damage your clutch disc. Replacing the clutch disc won't be so easy. So before the problem complicates, get your tools and start replacing your faulty cylinder.

A car slave cylinder is found near, on, or inside the transmission. Just follow the linkage coming from your clutch pedal and you definitely won't miss it. To replace it, you should first try to bleed it to remove its fluid. By the way, a leaking slave cylinder doesn't necessarily mean that you have to replace it. Common leaking problems are caused by the bleeding screw and all you need to do to stop the leaking is replace that specific screw. Moving on, the cylinder is mounted by a pair of bolts. Remove them followed by the lines and the cylinder will come off.

After that, be sure to give the whole clutch linkage a careful check to make sure that you don't miss anything and be able to replace other parts while you are at it. Replace the lines and bolt in the new cylinder to where it is mounted and you are basically done with the replacement. Check the pedal first if it is loose and make the necessary adjustment before you fill up the lines with the fluid. Once that is done, you can now close the hood and flex your muscles. You just finished one heck of a basic repair job.

With the clutch slave cylinder now fixed, you can now pack your bags and head to the nearest beach to see some real Baywatch bodies without being stranded on the road. However, if you still feel you don't have everything you need to fix your clutch, you can stick awhile at Parts Train to learn more about the parts you need to pull off a successful repair. That comes free and will surely be worth the short time.