Car Clutch Kits

You've seen The Transformers, haven't you? It's really tough to miss Megan Fox and her short shorts and her wonderful range of tank tops. Anyway, the way the Autobots transform while driving makes you wonder on the status of their clutch assembly. An earthly clutch assembly will surely be twisted right after one robotic transformation. Actually, you don't need to force transform your car to make you run for a new clutch kit. Just a pair of wild feet and an insane driving behavior can do most of the damage.

The clutch assembly is a series of devices used to connect the transmission to the engine drive train. This is why you can't expect to drive your car without a healthy clutch assembly. There are clutch kits available in the market for a total clutch overhaul and it will surely be wise to get one once your clutch is slipping and sticking badly already. The kit has everything you need to replace a bad assembly, including the clutch plate, pressure plate, studs, throw-out bearing, and the clutch housing.

Even though finding a car clutch kit is easy, rebuilding one won't be a very easy task, especially for a novice mechanic and even the real deal experts want to avoid this job. The tasks will vary depending on what your engine framework is. In rear engine, rear wheel drives; and front engine, front wheel drives, the clutch assembly is fixed in a transaxle-a combination of the differential and the transmission. On those types of vehicles, all your focus should be on removing the transaxle first, which isn't easy, and harnessing the discs from the assembly.

In the transmission box, the clutch plate, pressure plate, studs and throw out bearing are gathered in a single assembly so you'll find them in one piece once you have successfully separated the transaxle from the engine. They are tied together by a series of not so complicated bolts, so you'll find this rather easier than when you dismounted the transaxle. The problem you are faced with is on how to put back the transaxle on the engine. If you have a few jack stands and lifts in your garage, which you used to remove separate the axle, this won't be that hard at all.

This can give you a general idea on what to expect when faced with a dreadful clutch failure. Apart from the whole transaxle, you have to make sure that the clutch linkage is in perfect working condition. You can find out more on the parts you need here at Parts Train. Just browse our catalog to know about the individual parts you need and the clutch kit that suits your car best.