Car Clutch Interlock Switchs

The Clutch Interlock Switch prevents the starter from running when the driver is not depressing on the clutch pedal. This is a safety feature in many cars to prevent them from being started when the clutch is engaged. There are occasions when the car is in drive gears, which causes unintended movement by the car. This sudden movement can cause some serious accidents. That's why a Clutch Interlock Switch is seriously important to cars with manual transmission. No more jerking moments when you start the engine up and forget to select neutral on the shift stick. This switch prevents the starter from working unless the clutch pedal is depressed. This way, you will be safe from sudden jerking movement of your ride, and you will be reminded to shift to neutral and press on the clutch pedal always when starting the engine up. So keep your cars safe and order the Clutch Interlock Switch that your car needs only from PartsTrain. Here, you can get the best parts at specially discounted prices. You're also guaranteed to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience! Enjoy great parts and great value for your money only from your partner in DIY car repairs, PartsTrain.