Friction is created when two moving objects make contact. You may think this notion is useless, but friction plays a vital part in the performance of your Kia vehicle's clutch. The clutch is use with the purpose of engaging and disengaging the flow of energy in between the transmission and the internal combustion engine. It comes very handy whenever your vehicle stops, moves, and starts. The clutch is composed of a clutch disc and a pressure plate. Both are run by spinning shafts. The purpose of using a clutch is to combine the two shafts. When the shafts are combined, both will spin at similar rates. To understand more regarding clutches, you need to have some knowledge about friction. If one of the clutch discs gets broken, the operation of the clutch as well as the transmission is laid on the line. Each Kia vehicle has a specifically-designed Kia clutch disc that is different from the clutch discs that you will find in non-Kia models.

Understanding friction will allow you to understand more about how the clutch works. The clutch is extremely vital in engaging and disengaging the engine and the transmission. Since the engine continually spins while your auto is moving, that does not mean that the engine should stop spinning if your vehicle stops. The clutch will efficiently disengage the transmission from the engine. And when starting, the clutch engages the immobile transmission to the spinning engine. This is possible due to the friction between the two clutches. Friction effectively stops the clutches from slipping whenever engaging and disengaging. Since the clutch discs are in contact most of the time, they are prone to wearing. A slight difference in the shape of the clutch disc will ruin the efficiency of both the transmission and the engine.

Inspections on the clutch disc every once and a while will keep you posted about its condition. A broken Kia clutch disc needs to removed and replaced with a new one. The clutch disc that you have to choose has to be durable and must match the requirements of your Kia vehicle. An easier way to find the right clutch disc for your auto is through Parts Train.

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