Your Jaguar clutch disc forms part of the clutch system in your Jaguar vehicle. Without this particular component, the clutch cannot perform the same function that is expected from it. What is an automotive clutch and how does it work? Moreover, where does the clutch disc fit in the entire system? The automotive clutch system is designed to effectively engage and disengage the engine from the transmission, thus enabling you to start, to stop, and to be at idle in neutral and shift gears.

One indispensable part of the vehicle's clutch is the clutch disc. The clutch disc is usually fitted between the flywheel and the clutch cover. This particular accessory of your Jaguar consists of a metal disc that is usually covered with a frictional facing. A lining is also evident in the clutch disc, and this particular lining is made up of a woven or a molded non-organic material that may also contain particles of soft metals. At the center of the disc is a splined hub that mates with the transmission's input shaft, thus providing a direct mechanical coupling between the two parts. A set of mechanisms is also integrated on the disc to effectively dampen driveline shock and vibration.

As with the other performance parts in your Jaguar, the clutch disc will not last forever. At some point in time, this component may fail on you and may require a replacement. How do you know if this performance part is already failing and already needs to be replaced? Always take note that as the clutch disc is used for a long time, the possibility of wear on the said part also increases.

Clutch chatter is one symptom to look out for if you are really keen on knowing if the clutch disc is failing. One other thing to watch for is clutch slippage. A slippage can be caused by a variety of factors like a damaged pressure plate, worn and binding or misadjusted linkage, or even normal wear. There are a number of other things to be aware of, but what is important is that the moment you encounter some strange sounds coming from your Jaguar and a sudden change in handling, have your vehicle checked by a qualified technician.

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