Your ride is partly controlled by using the clutch disc. It is only through this component that the engine is transmitted directly to the input shaft of the transmission. It also has the ability to make and break the flow of power from the engine to the transmission when coupled with pressure plate and flywheel. Located between the flywheel and pressure plate, your Buick clutch disc is consists of metal disc covered with a frictional facing like that of the brake shoes or pads. The clutch disc's lining is made of a woven or molded non-organic material that contains particles of soft metal including aluminum and brass to purposively enhance the grip between the flywheel and the disc.

The clutch disc contains the splined hub that mates with the transmission's input shaft, making the clutch disc give a direct mechanical coupling between the flywheel and disc. This spline hub is actually contained in the center of the clutch disc. When your Buick vehicle experiences the so called "clutch chatter", you must check the component right away as this is a sign of a troubled clutch assembly. Or to put it in more specific terms, this is the initial sign of a worn clutch. The clutch chatter can also be the negative result of poor flywheel surface, worn pressure plate release levers, sprung clutch disc hub, improper alignment between the engine and transmission or a leaking oil within the engine onto the clutch assembly.

Another common trouble with the clutch is the clutch slippage. This occurrence is due to a trouble with the pressure plate, faulty or misadjusted linkage, and worn components within the clutch assembly. The opposite of clutch slippage is the dragging clutch which occurs when the clutch fails to release or releases but not efficient enough. Clutch problems are a serious problem, that's a fact. So when your vehicle experiences one. Be prompt enough to deal with the problem. Bear in mind that clutch has something to do with the vehicle control and operation and driving with a troubled clutch assembly can be very risky, so to speak.

And because, it is a part of automotive responsibility to make your vehicle and ride achieve the maximum safety, clutch inspection must be done especially when there is something unusual going on within the assembly. Automotive maintenance is very beneficial since it is only the way that you can prevent premature damage, thus making your car components last longer than the expected lifespan. Parts Train is your ultimate partner in making your car run at its best. We have performance auto parts for your replacements such as the Buick clutch disc. With us, your shopping is guaranteed to be convenient, easy, and safe.