Car Climate Controls

Sometimes, you and your passenger just can't agree on the A/C temperature settings. Your girlfriend might suggest a hotter temperature, while you actually want the system to blast cooler air. You might even be irked when she tries to increase the temperature, especially when you're already sweating like a pig inside the stuffy vehicle. It's no longer your fault if she can't endure the icy air from the A/C-it's your car anyway. Hold your tongue though. To prevent this kind of pointless argument, it would be best if you'll install a climate control system in your car so you can have a 'dual zone' temperature setting-that means cold air for you, warmer temperature for her. Yes, two kinds of setting from just one A/C system.

Old A/C systems are not as complicated as the ones installed in newer models. Fan speed can be adjusted manually using knobs and you would have to turn a switch on first to activate the A/C. But with better technology and a climate control unit, the A/C system doesn't have to wait for the flip of a switch anymore-it just automatically turns on once the engine starts running. Optimum cabin temperature can be achieved with this newer system. Since the A/C system is not just for cool air circulation but also serves as a heater during winter, flexible temperature settings are made possible by the system's car climate control.

This component allows passengers to maintain a consistent preset temperature. It regulates the temperature of the circulated air, depending on your preference. It works like the thermostat on your A/C or heater system at home. However, because it is smaller and works with less electricity, its design is more sophisticated. The A/C system has a set of temperature sensors inside the cabin. Depending on your make and model, you may have four or more of these sensors. The control unit uses information from the sensors to maintain your desired cabin temperature, which is not as easy as it sounds.

Climate controls have to maintain the temperature inside the cabin despite the temperature changes outside the vehicle. Whenever there are temperature changes outside the vehicle, the unit compensates by altering the blower speed or adjusting the temperature settings. There are two kinds of climate control units: automatic and manual. Before any replacement purchase, refer to your owner's manual to learn what type of control unit your car has.

Don't allow pointless temperature arguments ruin the mood between you and your girlfriend. Amaze her with a newly-installed climate control system. Or if you already have one installed, keep it in tip-top shape all the time. Replacement units are readily available here at Parts Train-home of hard-to-find car parts and accessories. Get one from us today.