Car Clear Corners

Clear and constant communication is the only way in making a relationship work. Without this vital element, a relationship is doomed to fail. Being completely clueless about what's going on inside your partner's mind can ruin even the most perfect union. Communication is vital not only in relationships, but also when it comes to driving. To maintain a perfect harmony with other drivers, you must learn to establish clear and constant communication at all times to avoid misunderstandings on the road. For this, you'll need a set of clear corner lamps mounted on your vehicle's rear to avoid bumps and collisions.

A majority of vehicular accidents happen at night when visibility is low and drivers are already tired or sleepy. When your rear signal lamps are only giving out feeble beams of light, there's a huge possibility that you'll get yourself into a road mishap while driving in the dark. Because of the weak light projection, other drivers might be confused and misread your signals, especially once fog and mist gets in the way. Low visibility at night time can endanger your life and crush your vehicle into pieces, that's why it's highly recommended to check your car's clear corner lights first before going on long drives, or basically before even planning to take your auto out of the garage.

This lamp assembly is also called as turn signal lights. Usually, these lights have orange bulbs. But with a clear corner light, as the name implies, the bulbs are typically colorless and clear. Normally, when the lenses are orange, the bulbs are colorless, and when the bulbs are orange, the lenses are made of clear plastic. A lot of car owners also use signal lights to add style to their vehicle, like the popular Altezza or Euro lights. Some tail light assembly also produce a crystal-like effect, like dozens of small light bulbs are fitted together to form one big lamp. When this assembly gets damaged, you've got no choice left but to replace it immediately.

Installing car clear corner lamps can be a breeze. First, remove the smaller corner pieces using a flathead screwdriver to pry the blinkers gently from the car's body. Once the lights are removed, detach the bulb. For the bigger turn signal, use the screwdriver again to loosen the single screw holding the whole piece down. Again, detach the bulb and replace it this time with a new turn signal piece. Secure and lock the whole assembly tightly after replacing.

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