There's simply no way to fix that malfunctioning Suzuki Esteem Cigarette Lighter, so you should set up an all-new lighter immediately. Lighters are commonly found in earlier models, therefore, yours should be a very old unit. Smoking inside cars once was popular among motorists , so the lighter was very useful. The lighter receptacle was pulled from most recent vehicle models because more and more drivers began to stop or disapprove of smoking.

The latest automobiles today don't have electrical features that are designed exclusively for cabin smoking. Manufacturers chose to replace the lighter with a 12-volt receptacle that can power handheld gadgets such as tablets and cell phones. The 12-volt receptacle may still be equipped with an additional lighter unit which would allow the motorist to easily light cigarettes inside his vehicle. When cigarette lighters malfunction, it is often due to problems in the car's current or electrical setup.

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