Need a lighter? If the answer is ""yes"", then a hot, new Pontiac Firefly cigarette lighter is just the thing for you. At present, only a few vehicles come with lighters but a vast majority do provide a lighter socket for recharging devices including the GPS or even cell phones. Though there might not be a working lighter built in your roadster, you can still get one at your closest replacement retailer.

With a cigarette lighter in your Pontiac Firefly, you'll be able to light your cigarette using the warmth that's generated by the lighter, provided by the battery. When choosing the latest lighter, you need to ensure that it's made of excellent material as well as heat resilient metal components.Being compatible is key when choosing a brand new lighter, because not all lighters will match up with all makes. Lighters are comparatively inexpensive and are very easy to make use of: just plug them into the lighter outlet and wait for them to cook.

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