There is no way to fix your broken Oldsmobile Bravada Cigarette Lighter, so you must install an all-new lighter immediately. Cigarette lighters aren't unusual in older models of vehicles, so yours must be an old, worn-out component. The part uses electricity to kindle cigarettes, allowing vehicle owners to freely smoke in their automobiles. Throughout the years, smoking's appeal has gone down in many countries, compelling car companies to stop creating vehicle models with lighter receptacles.

The latest vehicle models nowadays don't have features that are made just for cabin smoking. The lighter receptacle has long been discarded for a 12-volt receptacle that's mainly used to run or charge up gadgets such as cell phones and other electronics. The putlet may still be mounted with an add-on lighter component which would allow the driver to kindle most cigarettes in the compartment. When dash lighters act up, it is often due to abnormalities in the automobile's wiring or electrical setup.

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