There is simply no way to repair your broken Mitsubishi Precis Cigarette Lighter, so you must replace it with an all-new lighter as quickly as possible. There's a huge probability that your car's lighter receptacle has completely ceased working as such lighters are parts of older vehicles. The part uses current to light cigarettes, allowing vehicle owners to freely smoke in their automobiles. The feature was later removed from most recent car models as a lot more car owners began to stop and disapprove of smoking.

Most recent automobiles nowadays don't come with receptacles that are designed just for lighting up cigarettes. Car makers have replaced the dashboard lighter with a general dash receptacle which powers up handheld gadgets like gaming consoles and cell phones. There are still automotive lighters available in the market today but these often don't come included in the car. When lighters malfunction, it is usually because of abnormalities in the vehicle's wiring or electrical setup.

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